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A variety of different types of coffee
Arabica Coffee Bean

Rio Minas: Grinders, Screen 13/14; 15/16; 17/18.

Good Cup: Grinders, Screen 13/14; 15/16; 17/18.

Fine Cup: Grinders, Screen 13/14; 15/16; 17/18.

Specialty Coffee: 80 points up SCAA, Screen 15/16; 17/18.

Robusta Coffee Bean

Grinders, Screen

13 up

14 up

16 up

Micro Lots for Coffee shops

Specialty Coffee: 80 points up SCAA, Screen 15/16; 17/18.

Shipments by SEA - LCL

(Less Container Load) or by AIR


Minimum Order Quantity:

50 jute bag with 60kg net weight

Roasted Coffee for Espresso

Arabica Rio Minas: Screen 15/16; 17/18.

Arabica Good Cup: Screen  15/16; 17/18.

Arabica Fine Cup: Screen 15/16; 17/18.

Specialty Arabica Coffee: 80 points up SCAA, Screen 15/16; 17/18.

Functional Coffees

Green Coffee Bean Extract

Vegan Capuccino;

Thermogenic Coffee;

Spiced Coffee;

Slimming Coffee;

Mate Mushroom Coffee.

Vuno Coffee 500g

100% Arabica coffee from Brazilian mountains with strong and bitter taste with aromatic valve, and very competitive prices for retail.

Minimum Order Quantity:

1000 packs 

Organic Coffee   New

Arabica & Robusta

Spray dried coffee powder 

Spray dried agglomerated coffee 

Freeze Dried Coffee 

Traditional Cappuccino

Instant Coffee in Bulk
Private Label & OEM

Services with your own brand


Instant Coffee

Roasted & Ground Coffee

Roasted Specialty Coffee Beans

Functional Coffees


Vuno Coffee presents

The best of Brazilian coffee
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About us

Vuno Coffee –a brand from Brazil Barn Group– aims to supply coffee to all over the world, focusing on quality, taste, aroma, and tradition.


We are pleased and proud to come from Minas Gerais, the birthplace of coffee production in Brazil, one of the leaders in the production of this amazing product since 1800. Moreover, our coffee comes from the hills and mountains of the state, which creates a unique characteristic for our product that has been exported to many countries.


Expansion Project

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Green Coffee Extract